Monday, March 7, 2011

Sean McCarthy

What's this? The president of AFGI resigns from his post with the same title at Assured Guaranty. Given Sean's recent testimony and trip to Japan, this seems hardly a planned sacking.

It could not be anything scandalous on Sean's part; he is a family man, a gentle giant, and he would not be given three weeks if there was disturbing personal news. Elliot Spitzer did not take quite that long in his exit.

Why were all the stocks up anyways? No we do not have attention deficit disorder, but just like to draw connections. Perhaps new financial and human capital was committed today.

BondFactor is eight short blocks from Assured Guaranty. That's not bad if you're trying to stick to your roots. Sean moved to Ireland for part of his childhood when his father secured a position there.

Sean would also be a huge asset to that BondFactor, considering that none of the biographies on that company's "Senior Executives" page shows any monoline experience. The website also advertises for senior executives on the career page.

Mergers are never painless, so maybe we are totally off base here. But this reeks of poachers. Sean is too valuable for Assured to just toss him out.

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